Organ Inventory

by Justin Kielty on July 1, 2017

The inventory of Exposition organ, Austin Organs, Inc. Opus 500 was conducted between September 19 and 23, 2016.

Each windchest was opened and carefully inspected. Selected chest actions were removed from each chest and sent to Austin shops for examination to assure that the leather is still viable.

Two Pedal main chests, Swell front and rear chests, Great right and left chests, Choir front and rear chests, Solo front and rear chests,the 32’ Open Wood chest, 32’ façade action, and the 32’ Pedal reed chests were all found in excellent condition. No evidence of mildew or mold was found.

There are 111 ranks of pipes present which were all reconditioned in 1996. A set of Deagan Class A chimes, 23 tubes thought to be destroyed in the 1989 quake were found to be in good condition. Three wooden Bourdon pipes were damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced. The lowest CCCC of the façade 32’ Violone badly damaged will require extensive repair or replacement. Some of the large wooden Swell Bourdon pipes suffered water damage from leaking drainpipes and will require repair. There are four main airchest regulators, one of which will require releathering. The two Spencer 20 horsepower turbine blowers will need thorough cleaning before reinstallation.

  • Austin Opus 500 Austin Opus 500 "Exposition Organ" - Inventory September 20th-23rd, 2016 Michael Fazio, Ken Crome, Michael Evje, Michael Hart, Bill Hesterman (not pictured Vic Ferrer)