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Organ Inventory

The inventory of Exposition organ, Austin Organs, Inc. Opus 500 was conducted between September 19 and 23, 2016.

Each windchest was opened and carefully inspected. Selected chest actions were removed from each chest and sent to Austin shops for examination to assure that the leather is still viable.

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A High School Recollection

During my high school years the Civic Auditorium was often used for graduations and religious events. A friend of mine and I often visited church organ lofts to write down specifications and play these instruments if we were able. On one particular occasion I had the opportunity to be at Civic during a rehearsal when the original console had been rolled out and prepared for use.

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Why two twenty-horsepower blowers for the Exposition Organ?

Most organs of 114 ranks, such as the Exposition Organ, can easily function with one blower. Indeed, the Exposition Organ was designed to run with one blower. Why two blowers? In its original installation, the organ was housed in Festival Hall where thousands of visitors attended recitals at all hours of the day and evening. Because of the many hours that the organ would be in use, a single blower risked burnout after so many hours of use. Thus, each blower had cool-down time.

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The ECHO Organ of the Exposition Organ

After the 1989 earthquake which damaged the main instrument in the Civic Auditorium, the organ was removed to Hartford, Conn. to the Austin Organ factory for refurbishment while the Civic Auditorium underwent retrofitting. The Echo organ was not damaged in the quake but its nine ranks of pipes were removed to Hartford for cleaning and repair. The chest was left in place.

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The Instrument's Condition

A recent assessment of the instrument’s condition by world renowned organ builder Jack Bethards of Schoenstein & Co. confirms the instrument’s restoration work is intact and unimpaired.

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